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Yelp is really a worldwide company headquartered in San Francisco, Ca. It develops, markets and hosts along with the Yelp mobile phone mobile app, which publish crowd-sourced testimonials about local businesses. Yelp also trains smaller businesses to respond to reviews responsibly; hosts sociable situations for testers; and supplies fundamental data about companies, such as hrs of operations. find places to eat

Yelp was launched in 2004 by former Paypal employees at startup incubator MRL Undertakings. It was initially an unsuccessful email-based referral service, but was re-launched on the basis of unsolicited online reviews. It expanded easily and increased numerous rounds of money. It got $30 million in earnings by 2010 along with accumulated more than 4.5 zillion group-sourced testimonials. From 2009-2012, Yelp widened throughout Europe and Parts of asia. In 2009 it entered negotiations with Google for a potential acquisition, but a deal was never reached. Yelp was a general public organization in Mar 2012 and have become lucrative initially in 2014. had 132 million monthly visitors and 57 million reviews, as of 2014. The company's profits are derived from businesses getting reviewed on the website choosing to publicize.

Yelp has ""always had a complicated relationship with small businesses.""[2] Yelp has had conflicts with business owners reviewed on the site, who often feel their reviews are unfair, fraudulently write reviews on their own business, or accuse Yelp of manipulating reviews, according to BusinessWeek.